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tar · falling · off · in · chunks · with · molted · feathers

...remembering you falling into my arms, crying for the death of your heart.

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Which is of course a line from Pictures of you, by the cure. seems appropriate. I wonder what a personal add from me would look like at the current moment, as I am a messy nightmare at present...

pseudo-single, completely messy, emotional train wreck, with trust issues, seeks independent, adorable yet manly dude, with issues of his own, who doesn't mind my complete independence/clingy tendencies, and is willing to make the whole dinner for sex thing not feel like prostitution somehow, for a mostly sex only relationship, so that I can break up with you after a few months, and then call you whenever I like after an apropriate time for sex only. (As I will not be able to get beyond the whole prostitution thing, and only wanted the sex in the first place, making you doomed from the beginning to be relegated to the random booty call pile.)

haha... wow... Any takers? No? That's what I figured.. :)

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On April 19th, 2011 06:58 pm (UTC), synnoveaevael commented:
lol... at least you're honest.
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