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tar · falling · off · in · chunks · with · molted · feathers

Goddammit Jerry Cantrell

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In the 90's there was an incredible amount of burgeoning individuality, and this weird and awesome time in history was my youth. I came of age during the alice in chains/ nirvana/ pearl jam era. And now I can't look at a boy who is short haired and think "wow He's sexy." I imediately go for the long hair, in every instance, and then am apalled by the "Yeah, I live at home with my Mom". What the hell... There are so many different men I could look at and pin my long haired boy obsession on, but Jerry's just so damned interesing.. (Have you seen the look on his face sometimes when he's playing?) The point here being that I must now consider someone as a partner who is not my equal in earning power. That should be ok right? I simply don't want to carry anyone, or be responsible for another human. I am not ok with that. See the dillema? I blame Jerry. He's so long haired, and so able to take care of himself, and so soulfull looking. Of course that could all be an illusion, and he could be an asshole like no other, but I dont' think so. I think I will just have to keep looking at long hairs till one of them looks back like he means it.

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